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Partially Effective was born in Newark, NJ, and is also known as PE Production Team. PE is a New Jersey-based media team that provides original media content and media services for various events, artists, and purposes. The name "Partially Effective" was founded by bc2tone (Joseph) through his experiences with the teacher rating system in New Jersey. bc2tone considers "Partially Effective" as an ironic title that captures the highs and lows of life, as do all forms of media.

Partially Effective creates "in-house" content through live show collaborations, music, music videos, short films, documentaries, photos, merchandise, and graphic design/artwork. Collaborations are done with various artists, music artists, and producers from NJ. The goal is to create and collaborate as a team and to deliver superb services to clients who may need graphic design work, videography, photography, music production, and promotion.

The Core Team

Founder/Manager/  Lead Videographer/ Photographer/
Music Artist/Backup Sound Engineer: 
@bc2tone (Joseph)

Art: Tina

Lead Music Producer/Sound Engineer/ Non-Flash Photographer: 
@antstrumental (Anthony)

Backup Camera/Director: @DavidMackz (David)

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Official PE merch with the short film series logo has now released. See Merch for more info.


New PE Spring Tees are Now Available. 80's/ Miami/ MTV Inspired (Merch)

Spotlight Photos (Shot by bc2tone and antstrumental)

Live Show Content (Commission/Partnerships) 
Shot by bc2tone (Follow on IG for more)

Spotlight Music Videos (Shot and edited by PE Founder @bc2tone)
[Videos may have explicit language]

In House interview show [PE Original Content] (See PE Shows for more)
(Get your own podcast done or have an interview done by PE)

New "In-House" Music from bc2tone

We can shoot and edit your podcast/vlog! Here is work bc2tone did for Celeb Fix N Flip in Newark, NJ as well as Nick Gilli and Young Newp's "Beat Review". Get your own full-length podcast shot now for your YouTube Page!

(PE Commission Shoots and Edits by @bc2tone)

Haze Heffner: Behind The Scenes Vlog and Performances (NSFW: Explicit Content)

Vibes In The City: DC Road Trip Full Vlog

Celeb Fix N Flip with Special Guest Styles P and hosted by Benedict Guerrier

Beat Review: Interview and Performance with Yayo the Drummer (S2 E1)

Beat Review: Peedi Crakk Interview + Freestyles (Special Edition)

Beat Review: Season 1 Episode 5

Trailer for their Season 1 Episode 4 Shot by bc2tone of Partially Effective

PE in house Live Shows with affiliated Artists (Flyers and Highlights)
Contact to book PE to do a live show at your venue. We do behind the scenes work for our shows and promotion (footage, photography, flyers, DJ, and more).
Contact us to be on a PE show roster. 

Facebook post about the birth of Partially Effective 

Original Painted Logo From 2015 (By Tina G.)
(Back when it was just a vision)

Original Alternate Logo (By Tina G.)

Akira Inspired Logo (Collaboration)
80's/MTV/Miami Inspired PE Logo (Spring 2020)

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